For Grades 5th – 8th

New for Spring of 2024!

Our new program for grades 5th – 8th!

Want more of a challenge?  Not ready for Centre Stage yet?  This program is for you!

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Current Offerings

Stage Left Adventure Camp: Legend of the Caribbean Pirates –

Grades 4th – 10th

This First Act Original, set in the time when Jack Sparrow was a boy–is action-packed with adventure and swashbuckling fun! When siblings Nick and Kate, with their friends Sam and Constance, find a key to an old trunk they unlock the mystery of a long-lost relative, a pirate named “Stick-Jim”, they are magically transported back to the 17th century and must help Stick-Jim recover the lost Sword of Cortez to find their way back home.

August 5th – 9th, 2024

First Act Children’s Theatre

Why Choose Us

Fully Staged Performances

Our classes and camps offer fully staged and costumed performances–a positive and exciting culmination for students!

Develop Social Skills

Our theatre environment encourages the development of positive social skills in a pressure-free setting.

Increase Imagination

First Act encourages youth to stretch their imaginations through theatre games and exercises!

Gain Confidence!

Experience in theatre has been proven to increase self-confidence and self-esteem in children.